In a market that 1 micro second delay in receiving Information can separate winners from losers in the stock market, the busiest hours of work for FED executives is between 12 midnight and 4 a.m. (when they communicate with the heads of the Big Banks and those close to the driver seat of the FED) on the night of a major announcement before the markets open. Also, you can spot the Big Bankers having lunch or dinner in expensive restaurants near the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on days leading to the big FED announcements. This is when majority of 17.000 workers employed by Disneyland, cannot afford a single bedroom apartment, some sleep in their cars, trucks, motor homes or in their parents’, or share a tiny Apartment with many roommates. The representative from the Big Banks and Wall Street go on TV shows and pretend to be smarter than the rest of us. We The People will not tolerate the corruption of the FED any longer.


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